New Prices and Payment Policy from 1st December 2016

Effective with manuscripts accepted for publication on or after December 1, 2016, Biomedical Research and Therapy (BMRAT) will charge for publishing fee according to new price and payment policy.

The new price for publishing an accepted manuscript will be USD 150.

After 3 years of publishing, BMRAT become an esteemed journal for biomedical scientists and researchers all over the world. With the new fee structure, BMRAT aims to support and attract more high-quality manuscripts from developing countries. When an article is accepted for publication, the authors will receive confirmation of the amount due (USD 150) for publishing in this journal. A formal invoice will follow this message within a few days of acceptance, together with payment instructions.

  Waivers and Discounts on Article Publication Charges

Authors living in developing countries: We encourage our authors to publish their papers with us and don’t wish the cost of publication processing fees to be an insurmountable barrier especially to authors from the low and lower middle income countries. A range of discounts or waivers are offered to authors who are unable to pay our publication processing fees. We use the World Bank Country Classification table to identify:

  • Low income countries. Authors resident in these countries will receive up to a 60% waiver of the standard publication processing fee;
  • Lower middle income. Authors resident in these countries will receive up to a 40% waiver of the standard publication processing fee.


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