Current status of stem cell transplantation in Vietnam

Phuc Van Pham

578-587 |

Adoptive immunotherapy via CD4+ versus CD8+ T cells

Vy Phan-Lai

588-595 |

Research articles

The ornithine decarboxylase, NO-synthase activities and phospho-c-Jun content under experimental gastric mucosa malignancy

Mariia Tymoshenko, Olha Kravchenko, Olesya Sokur, Liudmila Gaida, Yulia Omelchenko, Liudmila Ostapchenko

596-604 |

Comparison of molecular signatures in large scale protein interaction networks in normal and cancer conditions of brain, cervix, lung, ovary and prostate

Rajat Suvra Banik, Md Shaifur Rahman, K M Taufiqur Rahman, Md Fahmid Islam, Sheikh Md Enayetul Babar

605-615 |


CORRECTION: Autologous bone marrow stem cells combined with allograft cancellous bone in treatment of non-union

Trung Hau Le Thua, Duc Phu Bui, Duy Thang Nguyen, Dang Nhat Pham, Quy Bao Le, Phan Huy Nguyen, Ngoc Vu Tran, Phuoc Quang Le, Willy D. Boeckx, Albert De Mey

616 |

CORRECTION: Mini-invasive treatment for delayed or nonunion: the use of percutaneous autologous bone marrow injection

Trung Hau Le Thua, Dang Nhat Pham, Quy Ngoc Bao Le, Phan Huy Nguyen, Thi Thuy Hoa Phan, Hoang Duy Phan, Phuoc Quang Le, Willy Denis Boeckx, Albert De Mey

617 |

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