Effect of yellow stripe scad (YSS) fish consumption on platelet microparticles markers: Can YYS fish be like salmon in overweight healthy individual?

Yakubu Abdulrahman, Azrina Azlan, Loh Su Peng, Irmi Zarina Ismail, Sabariah Md Noor

3336-3346 |

Research articles

In vitro apoptosis induction ability of methanolic extract of Paramignya trimera root (Xao tam phan) in breast cancer stem cells

Sinh Truong Nguyen, Le Van Manh Hung, Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Nguyen Trung Nhan, Nguyen Xuan Hai, Ngoc Kim Phan, Kiet Truong Dinh, Phuc Van Pham

3325-3332 |

Short Communication

Prevalence of blood pressure among students in Jiangsu Province, China

Taha Hussein Musa, Wei Li, Tauseef Ahmad, Chu Jinjin, Hassan Hussein Musa, Pingmin Wei

3333-3335 |

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